Gao Shi Poems
Gao Shi

Gao Shi (704–765) was a poet of the Tang Dynasty, two of whose poems were collected in the popular anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems. His courtesy name was Dàfú (達夫).Gao Shi was one of the competitors in the famous wine shop competition along with Wang Zhihuan and Wang Changling.

One of Gao Shi's poems (as translated by Witter Bynner), appearing in the Tang 300, was "A Song of the Yan Country", referring to the Yan territory of the An and Shi "Yan dynasty", the other being "To Vice-prefects Li and Wang degraded and transferred to Xiazhong and Changsha".

Gao's farewell poetry – particularly Farewell to Dongda (Chinese: 別董大) – is notable for its optimism and encouragement, contrasting with the "debilitating grief" found in farewell poetry of the era.

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