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Zheng Tian

Zheng Tian (simplified Chinese: 郑畋; pinyin: Zhèng Tián, 821?/825?–883?), courtesy name Taiwen (臺文), formally Duke Wenzhao of Xingyang (滎陽文昭公),[4] was a Chinese politician and military commander of the late Tang dynasty who served twice as a chancellor under Emperor Xizong, from 874 to 878 and again from 881 to 883, and played a crucial role in the dynasty's resistance to the cataclysmic Huang Chao Rebellion. 

Zheng was also an accomplished man of letters, and his qijue poem "On Mawei Slope" was included in the Qing-era anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems.

Zheng Tian Famous Poems

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