Liu Yong Poems
Liu Yong

Liu Yong (Chinese: 柳永, Pinyin: Liǔ Yǒng) (approximately 984–1053), was a Chinese poet in Northern Song Dynasty. His original name was Liu Sanbian (Chinese: 柳三变), courtesy name was Jingzhuang (Chinese: 景庄), and he later changed his name to Liu Yong, courtesy name Qiqing (Chinese: 耆卿).

Liu Yong was the first poet who reformed Song Ci (宋词) poetry in a comprehensive way. The trend of long-form Song Ci poetry originated from him. Moreover, he has made great efforts creating a poem genre called "Slow poetry" or "Slow song form" (Chinese: 慢词), and made full use of vulgar words and common sayings.

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